I'm overwhelmed with the feedback I got from the free printable calendar I made. I hoped that people would like it, but WOW, I had no idea you guys all want your own copy! :)

So thank you thank you so much for the support. This year (well just the whole 2 months of it) of blogging made me quite happy to meet and connect to different people from around the globe.

So Cheers to you! May we all have an amazing 2011 ahead!

(I had no idea what this tastes like. But it sure looks good!)

BTW, this is a scheduled post, so all calendar will be sent once I came back on Jan 1st. Happy New Year! :)

Inspired by Silhouette

I know this post is over a year late (this look has been going on since last year!), but hey, my blog is barely 2 months old so I've got an excuse. :)

I LOVE this whole silhouette idea. It's bold, graphic, and most importantly, so easy to DIY. In my quest to do something similar to our house, I googled and googled (of course), and came across these inspirations. Enjoy!
 caitlin moran

HO of the day: Fresh French

This home office had me at hello.
I adore each and every detail. ALL.
The gigantic ornate memo board, fresh blue walls, vintage table...
And oh hello two gorgeous chairs. 

The very cheap gift I gave my family this Christmas

I never got around to buying presents this year. I have spent a lot for this home makeover thing, and yeah, laziness ruled over me too. The huge Christmas crowd busting malls for last minute shopping, and the out of this world traffic here in Manila --no thank you.
So instead, I got my family this:
No they are not graduating, and it's not a diploma. Just something I whipped up on a whim just so I can be a "thoughtful" daughter / sister. Ha!

So what's up with that cheap rolled paper?? 
The plan of the projects I'll be doing for their rooms! I'll be doing it anyway, so why not make it official. Please excuse the drawings as I made all this in 10 minutes tops!

To Brother #5. The Youngest.
English Translation: Linoleum &  beautiful living area since you hang out there most of the time.
Since his floors are all splattered with paint drips from long time ago and such a pain to remove, I figured will just install a linoleum and let him choose the design. It doesn't matter what he chooses, it's his room anyway. And to tell you, this young guy cares more about our home makeover than his grown brothers! 

To Brothers #2 and #3.
They share a room since they're close in age and have the same interest, which I'm pretty sure you can guess with the drawing above.

English Translation: Guitar wall (guitars not included of course) & great living and dining space for our "drinking" sessions!

I'll be painting a faux frame feature wall on their room to hang all their guitars just because I thought it would be cute. (hopefully I'm right!)

To Dad
English Translation: Curtain, Artwork above the bed, and beautiful living space.
Now if only I have any idea what sort of artwork I'll do for his space.

There you have it, my very cheap gift for my family. I'm not sure they really "get" it, but I know they'll be enjoying this far longer than this holiday.

P.S. Yes my full first name is Rachelle. :)

Sweet Little Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry, Dreamy, and Sweet Christmas!
Here are some gorgeous Flickr find of exactly how sweet this Christmas ought to be. :)


Daisy me Sexy

I have found yet another discarded piece of wood in our garage. Yes people, we have a lot of junk!
The plan is to make an artwork for our main bath, I decided on a floral theme. Our bathroom easily turns gross with a lot of people in the house, so I want something that will trick the brain in thinking that the room smells good. Ha, I know it's a poor attempt, but anything looking fresh on that space is good enough for me.

I googled images for inspiration total replication. I'm not proclaiming myself a Picasso, so yes I'll copy whatever www throws at me!

I was talking to my brother via webcam at that time (he's in the US) and showed him images. I started with something simple, and then showed him this:
Brother:  "You can never pull that off!"
Me: "Challenge accepted!" (ala Barney, if you watch HIMYM)

Of course I kinda regretted being too cocky accepting the challenge after this:
Haha. It's actually difficult. Almost done but still nothing like it. But I'm a good sport, and our bathroom needs more art, so on I go. Now it's done, and I really do like it.

Here it is on our main bath, below the other artwork I made.

I like it but I thought it would look better on our second floor bath.

The room is lilac, and the accent color is black, so duh, yes Elle, it actually seemed that you made it for this particular bathroom.

So here it will stay. As for the other bath, I have to find another junk to call art. I actually did see a drawer lying around, maybe I'll make it into something for that empty space. We'll see.

*If you're wondering what that title is about, my brother is always throwing "me sexy" at me when I'm asking for name ideas. What's a good name for a clothing shop? Fashion me sexy. What's a good name for a decor blog? Decor me sexy.  So here you go. This is for you Tatang.

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I made a 2011 calendar. For everybody. For FREE!

Yep, you read it right. I made a printable calendar for everyone! I initially was making this calendar / monthly planner for myself, but it's Christmas so why not share? :)

It's for a standard letter size paper (8.5x11), with space to write in your to-do's, birthdays, or any reminder for the day (admit it, we all forget something!). I made each month special with it's own background, color scheme, and even a different font! Okay I'm already starting to sound like a salesman, let's get to the point.

To receive this calendar (hi-resolution for prints) straight to your inbox, just.... 

  1. Follow this blog (through google connect on the sidebar)
  2. If you have facebook, please "like" my page too (can be found on the sidebar)
  3. This is not mandatory but I'd totally appreciate it if you include SWITCHEROOm in your link list :)
  4. Comment on this post stating whatever you did of the three. If you're email ad is in your profile, I'll just send it there. If not, please include your email in the comment.
    That's it! I hope you'll love it as much as I do. Can't wait to doodle on this one.

    Special thanks to Pattern Cooler for all the backgrounds I used. Check them out, there's a LOT of pretty pattern for you.

    Share the gift too.

    Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

    BTW, if anyone had printed it already, I would love to see the calendar in the works! Email me pics at

    Please double check if your email ad is in your profile, if not, indicate it in the comment (together with whatever you did -follow, like, link)
    I usually email out the calendar within 48 hours of comment received. If you did not get your calendar, I may have missed your comment (sorry!) or I can't find your email address. Please comeback and let me know! Thanks! :)

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