Good Chair(s) Hunting

The stylist's home office is almost done except for one key piece (or more accurately-- four key pieces!), the chairs! I just want a simple white wooden chair with some great upholstery. Boy its a pain to find those within a reasonable price. Thrift shops to the rescue!

I went to Bangkal Makati in search for the perfect work seat for those very busy girls (stylist and her crew). I had fun looking around except for the heat! Oh my I think I lose a little weight with our nature's gift (or curse) -- outdoor sauna!

Anyway, here are the candidates:

Hello details! Love the curves on this one. P2000 each.
thrift shop, thrift chairs, bangkal makati

Understated traditional. P3000 each.
thrift shop, thrift chairs, bangkal makati

I want to take this home! P1000 each.
thrift shop, thrift chairs, bangkal makati

Sexy curves. This is such a steal! P3000 / 6 pcs! Can someone buy this already!
thrift shop, thrift chairs, bangkal makati

Hotel-ish lounge chairs. P2500 each. 
thrift shop, thrift chairs, bangkal makati

Super sleek. P3700 each.
thrift shop, thrift chairs, bangkal makati

Can you guess which one we bought? Hint: Mix and match of 2 styles! So you'll probably assume that we didn't purchase the 3000/6 pcs based on my comment above. But I beg you, if you're looking for dining chairs, get those please!

Anyway, if you're going to shop at thrift shops, look past all the dingy woods and tacky fabrics, that's an easy fix! Buy a chair whose shape you love most. The chairs for this office will have a white ducco finish with some neutral fabric for the seat and back rest, and some peek of accent fabric. I can envision it so clear and I can't wait to finally have them done.

Happy thrift shopping!

UPDATE: Find out what we bought here


Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Oh so many great options!!!!!!! Cant wait to see what you nabbed :0)

l-article said...

Beautiful chairs!! I love the first and last one!! And gosh if I was over there I would definitely buy that 6 piece set! Such a steal!! :D :D

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

wish i was closer - those are such great deals!

Dunhill Diaries said...

i had no idea they were so expensive! but it would be lovely to do a make over with these chairs. nice blog!

Anonymous said...

hi elle! if you don't mind, may i ask where specifically in bangkal did you find these?:)

Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to hear what you think! :)

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