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I saw this room while browsing 10rooms (great blog!) and was immediately smitten. Turquoise, yellow and a touch of pink? Lovely.
Another great free printable calendar from ThriftCore! Head over there and get yourself a copy of this masterpiece. I say masterpiece 'cos it was designed by yours truly, you gotta love your own right? ;)

Thanks Van for the opportunity to make this for your fabulous readers!

and lastly...

Rhiannon from From the Heart and Brittany from Gallery No. 8 awarded me this. Thanks ladies!

So I guess I should share 7 things about me, here you go...

1. I can't walk in heels more than 3" high! I try, but ended up sitting all night, or changing to flats in no time. I love how they look though!

2. I have the sweetest sweet tooth there is! For me, a meal MUST always end with anything sweet. Or I'll end up craving the whole day.

3. I love LA. My mom and bro#3 lives there, and I'm hoping I can go back for a visit this year or early next year.

4. I'm cheap. I don't buy shoes or bags amounting to more than P800 (around $18).

5. I love watching TV series! My current shows: Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, How I Met your Mother, True Blood. Past shows that I still watch when I get the chance: Sex and the City and Friends. I LOVE Friends, truly, love them! 

6. Oh more on TV, any show that involves solving a crime I'll watch.

7. I've had a fashion blog prior to this. You know those blog where you post the stuff you wear? Yep, that one. I shut it down. Even though I love clothes, the blog felt more of a chore. And I'm too embarrassed to let friends see the pictures to even keep the blog online. haha

But since you all have been nice to me, I'll share one shot. Just one! 
Oct 2009
That's it!
Sharing this to some my blog friends...

Watch out for my bedroom reveal, our hallway before and after, and the camera crew story. ;)

DIY frame gallery attempt #2: Living Room (Part 2 -The Reveal)

Isn't that the most confusing title here to date??


This is the day my most awaited wall came to life! This is months in the making, considering all the time I nagged brother#2 to choose photos from his hundreds of random shots taken in the span of two years. (Though the actual photo selection just happened a few days ago, the whole month is just the nagging!)

You'll see how this wall gallery progressed on the part 1 post. Here it is today:
diy frame gallery, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom
I love how personal the "artworks" are. We don't have expensive original art, so I just used what we have -my brother's photos. He got into photography few years ago, more than enough time to collect some amazing shots!

This shot was taken from our last visit in LA. My brothers were bored and took a walk at Rodeo Drive. They've taken this with a tripod, with a remote, on the middle of the street, with flashing green traffic lights! Good thing it's midnight!
diy frame gallery, rodeo drive, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom

Both of these photos were from our afternoon at Marina Del Rey, just a few days before we bid LA goodbye.
diy frame gallery, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom

I grabbed the camera from bro#2 when I saw our reflection on his sunglasses! That's my mom, me, and brother #3 and #1 on the shades.
diy frame gallery, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom

That's brother#4 with a hoodie posing like a pro. I also framed some vintage pictures of our family. That's me on that heart shaped print! (I was born in the 80's, does that count as vintage?)
diy frame gallery, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom

Meet Mr. Cow, taken from our last visit to my mom's province. We had no idea who owns him, we just saw his modeling potential and took this shot! Now he holds that special place on our only blue frame.
diy frame gallery, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom

Here's a before-during-after photos...

BEFORE: Blank white wall
diy frame gallery, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom

DURING: Prior to frame-painting and picture-printing
diy frame gallery, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom

diy frame gallery, wall frame, black frames, white wall, switcheroom

The cost:
Frames - FREE! (old frames from all over the house)
White mat - P80 (around $2)
Printing - P480 (around $11)
Spray paint - P100 (around $2.30)

TOTAL: P660 ($15.30)

What do you think of our wall? Love it or love it? That's your only option! :)

P.S. For readers from Manila, for your printing needs, check out iBones. P80 for 11"x17"! Cheap quality prints. 

P.P.S. See that picture on the upper-right? The lady with her hand on her chin, that's my mom. That was taken million years ago and she's probably gonna hate me for putting that up! You know how we all hate old photos with weird hair. She now lives in LA and has no idea what's going on here. Ma, don't hate me, I love you! :D

See DIY frame gallery attempt #1.

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Love it or Hate it: Mirrored wall

We all know that adding mirrors gives the illusion of more space, and it bounces light too. But how big can you go?

mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom
 Larry Laslo
mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom
 Elle Decor

Can you handle a floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirror? 

mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom
 Lindsey Harper
mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom
It doubles the space.. 

mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom
Geoffrey Bradfield
mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom
mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom
 Sara Gilbane

But it also doubles the clutter. (Especially for the not so orderly like me!)

mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom
mirrored wall, mirror room, switcheroom

These rooms are all gorgeous, but in real (with work, family, kids, husband/boyfriend, and pets!) life, do you prefer to reflect much light and space? or do you cringe at the thought of seeing yourself all the time and dread maintaining a spotless humongous mirror?

Mirrored wall.. Love it or Hate it?

DIY frame gallery attempt #2: Living Room (Part 1)

I'm pretty sure I've established the fact that our house has a lot of junk / scrap / trash / or any other term for old unused stuff lying around collecting dust. (Proof here, here, here, here, and here)

Here's another pile to prove my point:

Those are the frames I collected searching every inch of our place to fill this blank wall:

I guess the above picture also shows the junk we have around. This side of the room holds all unwanted stuff since we cleared the other side (striped wall / cheery yellow entry). At least I can look away from this and see some order!

Here's the final arrangement of the frames prior to spay painting:
I was looking around the room looking for a place for the clock. Then a thought hit me, why not include it in the frame gallery? And there we have a blank frame perfect fit for the clock. It's sooo meant to be. (Yes, I can be over dramatic at times)

As you can see in the moodboard, the frames are mostly black with a few touches of bright color. Here's the gallery post-painting:
We haven't printed out the pictures and artworks yet, so the final reveal (part 2) will be posted when we finish the project. And I'm fabric shopping soon for the curtains and slipcovers, I can't wait!

Oh if you're wondering about the camera crew, I'll tell you soon. ;)


FORKING: Showcasing Mr BF's talent

It's not that! pervs... :) I was browsing through old files and saw these. I won't be able to sleep without sharing this to you NOW!

I've never look at forks the same way again since Mr. BF had this ingenious idea of using it as a bangle.

Amazing, I know.

At that time (about 2 years ago) I sell clothes, and he sells these.

And he made them all by himself. Those gorgeous designs and great color combination, all his! Of course I've got a couple of his creations right here in my drawer, one of the perks of having an amazing, great, ultra talented boyfriend. (I hope you're reading this, I need something from you! :D )

Aside from those beauties, he also made this:
Fork wall art. He made it for our showroom then, it now sits in my bedroom.

Other stuff made of fork, just because he can.



How cool are all these? 

 Now if you may, praise Mr BF's work to give an extra boost to his already swollen ego. Kidding! You know I love you.
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