Design Projects, Dream House News, and Happy Holy Week!

Aside from all the dream house related stuff up my mind for the last 100 years or so, we actually have to do some work to have some funds to finally push that house into reality... 

Although I haven't posted design updates or introduced new projects in here, they are happening. I just don't want to be all excited and share details, and then never post any reveal until a year later. I know it's annoying. Haha.. So I wanted to at least have an almost complete project before sharing so the reveal will not be far behind. I'm not sure I can keep up with that because when I'm excited, I share. 

So here are some happenings the past month...

Remember the moodboard I shared for Hub Stylebreaker way back? Well the place is almost done and we're onto decorating. She's a dear cousin of mine and I'm just helping out here and there with some recommendations but she made lots of decision herself. I presented options, she chooses. Since she has a bold personality, I wanted it to shine. And boy did it shine. Haha.. You'll see....

This is one of the walk-in closets.. yup, one of two!

Pink main door, you think that's bold?

Pink stripes office, a little bolder right?

Now this is bold. Neon pink window frame that spans the entire living dining space! The lighting here is crazy right now but it's crazy good in person. 

Not pink, but a mint kitchen. :) We since then changed it to a more subdued pale mint to better coordinate with the tiles, it will be good. Not seen here since the floors is covered but we have a black and cream diagonal stripes somewhere in there. Can't wait so see this kitchen not covered in newspaper and dust.

This is going to be one colorful place! She just sent me pegs for furniture we're going to have custom-made and the hope is by May, stuff are going to go in here and we can see the space in all it's rainbow glory.

Another project that just commence is a spacious combined unit. We're grinding down walls as we speak. It literally just started this morning and we are on a very tight deadline! The next 6 weeks is going to be crazy. Add to that a few more projects commencing so it's happy challenge I'm diving into head on. 

Now this project is a far cry from the pink ones above as we are going for a neutral, airy, streamlined space with lots of simple interesting details. I'll spare you all the details for now as that should be another post of its own.. for now here's  some of the boards I presented. Most furniture will be custom-made.

I'm excited for the kitchen. I wanted it a little scandinavian, a little glitz with a stainless penny backsplash. It's bold choice but still neutral. 

I'll be sharing all the other rooms sometime soon but as I said, I wanted it to share them closer to the reveal if that's at all possible. Haha...


The construction on this project is coming to a close but we have some more shopping to do so it's not yet done, done. But loving the look we're going for here. It's quite small that needs to have a lot of function, mostly, the living/dining space should also house a bedroom for a 12 year old boy. That's a challenge since the boy needs some privacy and we don't want to have a bed right there in the middle of it all.

So we had a nook built in with wood slats to act as divider but not totally closed off the sleeping area. It's still a little private, but it's not claustrophobic at all.

The other side is where we'll fit a living, dining, and a fridge. Tight, but cute. :) Oh and bricks. Yep, the client asked for one and I happily obliged.

I hopefully can share all these in details soon with some peeks of the actual spaces, that would be nice. But before all that, lets all have a great holy week, shall we? We're going to Baguio for some recharging before the hectic months ahead, so looking forward to that.

Oh for Project Dream House related news, we're having plans drafted care of the bf's architect friend, I'm excited! I already have a rough floor plan sent to him so I can't wait to see it all official and technical.. Haha... 

Happy Holy Week!

The Reason Behind my Obsession for Project Dream Home

Why do I want to have my own home? Okay, that's quite a stupid question since I'm sure everyone wants their own house and I don't need to elaborate the reasons for that. BUT stupid as may seem, I just feel like ranting a bit today so please bear with me. 

I'm not sure if I've shared this before, but when I was little, I have this day dreaming going on every once in a while that my parents would take us out and then surprise us by bringing us to our brand new house. In which I would run upstairs and choose which room I wanted. Yep I'm weird. I don't dream of them giving me a barbie collection or whatever, I wanted a house. 
That would probably what I do when I get to my day dreaming scenario, but definitely with shoes on.

Of course that didn't happen and now I know why, it's freaking expensive! Haha... Don't get me wrong, we have a decent house, it's old, my guess is 1950s-60s, but spacious. I've got my own room at 10 years old, but I don't wanna sleep alone so that didn't last long. Then they enlarged the living space which forced us all siblings to again share a room. But by 15, I finally had my very own room when some shuffling happened, and by that time, I really don't mind sleeping alone. Thank goodness!

Fast forward to today, I'm still here at this very house, in a bigger (not pink!) room, but same house. I'm thankful for having a roof above my head (without rent!) for the longest time, but I think it's just about time for me to have my own house. For the past 5 years, I've been checking out houses in the market once in a while. I know we can't afford it, but I just wanted to see what's out there. What we can (barely) afford are sooo sooo far away, and we don't want to be so far from our respective families (bf and I)

But that was just a distant dream back then, but I just wanted to make that dream a reality NOW. Maybe getting a bit older triggered that, maybe seeing other people home's everyday did, I don't know, I just wanted it now.

In the three years I've been decorating other people's home, I'm always a bit jealous after we're done. Now they get to enjoy their very own space, and I will go home to the sad state of our house. This is our house before I started the blog...
and I did attempted to revamp it to give us all a nice place to call home. You may read all the updates I've done to this house here. It was all old posts (3+ years ago!) which actually started this blog. Ondoy did hit us that's why we decided to fix it up a bit. That's when we thought that the flood is just a one time thing. But then Habagat came, and I just gave up. For those with flood-stricken home as well, don't be dishearten, you can prettify your space and just make it a bit flood-proof. But as for me, about a million of us live here and they are mostly boys, so it's quite hard to keep it pretty. Flood + boys = not so nice house. haha... Some people might assume that since I decorate for a living that I have a great-looking house, well... you can't be more wrong. I don't. Even my room is a mess. Shameful really.

This was the time when my room was a bit presentable.. long long time ago

But I just told myself that I'll save up all my ideas, energy, and money as to when I've got my own place to decorate. Some may think that it's a very shallow reason to have a house-- "to have a space to decorate." Well, it actually is. Aside from all the practical reasons out there that you all probably know already, I'm just itching to have a place to fix that I can also enjoy. I feel that it is a privilege and a joy to create a space for yourself that will inspire you or just make you smile on a daily basis.  

And you have no idea how many things we (the bf and I)  have hoarded that we are planning to put in our future house. It is everywhere. Let me enumerate some of them.

1. Sofa-- I inherited a sofa from my cousin that we'll probably have reupholstered in a cognac leather ala chesterfield. (currently being used here as secondary sofa)

2. Headboard --We have an old ornate headboard with upholstery. Super nice details and has a lot of potential.

3. Dining table legs -- another cousin was discarding furniture and I took the legs. The top was no use for me, two wide and not so nice, but I can already see the dining table those legs can make so i went for it.

4. Chairs -- lots of them actually. We have 2 big swivel chairs, vintage wood chair, and about a million more.

5. Artworks -- I have a few artwork that we used to decorate the room at the showroom before. And I'm always on the look out for cheap vintage artworks from thrift shops and I've got quite a few. Maybe I'll share them here when we finally tackled the mountain of boxes of the stuff we have.

6. Cowhide rug -- yes we bought one. For a steal. You know how expensive they are at retail stores right? Well we found a very nice pre-owned one and bought it without even having a place for it. We just thought, for the dream house. (Animal lovers, don't hate. These are hides from cows/beef we eat so unless you're a vegetarian/vegan..... )

7. Accessories -- ohh I'm excited about this. The bf and I loves vintage stuff and we got some stashed away. A nice ice bucket, an amazingly weird metal knight shot glass holder, Rizal bust, Saraos, and lots more that we probably already forgot.

8. Vintage trunks -- we've got two. 

I could go on and on but I won't since this is already a very long post and I'm not even sure I'm making a point. But we can probably furnish our not-yet existing home with all the trash/treasure we have collected. 
see some of my DIYs here

And I miss doing DIYs. I miss updating old pieces and making it work for a space. We have a lot of stuff to work with, but it doesn't make sense to do them now when we have no idea where it would go and what's the look of the space it's going to. Well that's not exactly true since I KNOW what the look were going for, but still.

Oh and I can't wait to share them all here. Probably a more shallow reason, but I think when the time comes we got our dream house, this blog will not be as neglected as it is now. Imagine all the planning, DIYs, decorating, redecorating, and all dream house related I could share? That would be awesome. I follow quite a number of blogs, and the most I enjoy are blogs that share their personal home. 

But the most important thing I'm excited about is sharing it with the bf. Naks! But really, we spent almost every single day of the past 10 years together and thankfully, we're still not sick of each other. Haha... We actually quite enjoy each other's company so it will be one exciting ride. Oh I'm sure there'll be a lot of "discussion" when it comes to design choices since he has quite a vision as well, but it's something I'm looking forward to, creating a space the both of us would love and enjoy. We're both the creative type, and we both can't stand still not creating something, so it will be one chaotic happy house. Haha...

So there, some of the reasons Project Dream Home should commence soon. Like yesterday. I've been obsessed with the house thing since I was a kid, so I guess it's about time right? Right. That's what I thought too. I know it wouldn't be handed to us, so we're currently working hard for it. The dream is this year, we'll have it. Hear that universe? Bring it to me.

Rant. Over.

Living + Dining Combo

What do you do if you have to choose between having a living or dining space? With all the ridiculously small places being sold / rented today, you might need to let go of one of the functions of those two. I know some spaces with living area but they eat in a counter. Or they may have a proper table to eat in but no place to lounge to watch none sense tv. It's fine. You'll live.

Some change of plans/direction are going on with Project Dream Home but I still can't share until we finalized everything. But with that changes comes a challenge of having to fit a kitchen, living, dining in a 20 sqm space. With stairs. That is one tight space. The bf and I discussed what we wanted to do and what we needed. We love to eat so a proper dining space is in order. But we also love to just hang out so we need a comfy deep sofa. He then suggested why not use the sofa as a banquette for the table. Ummm yes please. I'm not talking about the usual narrow banquette for dining, but a proper sofa that is perfect for table height but still deep enough to lounge in. 

After finalizing on that idea, I searched for inspiration for this type of set-up. And I got plenty.

So love this. The sofa is gorgeous and perfect with that industrial table and quirky vintage chair.

This will most probably the size we'll have. A petite six seater table with a comfy sofa. I also like how graphic those oversized pendant lights are.

So sweet and charming. A bit rustic but definitely cozy.

Big sofa matched with small chairs makes the space comfy and spacious looking.

This space is super inviting. Love the deep seats, white surroundings, light wood, and all the colors.

Again with the deep cushy seating area and the airiness of it all. 

Or you can even have a sectional in there...

So yes, you don't have to choose, you can have both. You'll live and be happy. Haha...

As for our space, we wanted a cognac leather chesterfield sofa with light wood table. It will be more of a dark loungey vibe with lots of vintage elements. It will be soooo good I can't wait. 

Project Industrial Chic-- Big Reveal

Remember the time I posted the moodboard and progress of this project? I guess not 'coz it's waaayyy waaay back, almost a year. But as I told you, I want to cross out taking photos of finish projects so just a while ago, I visited and took this shots. Hooray!

We wanted a happy bright space with lots of accent colors here and there. We put some industrial elements to balance out all the girlyness-- white washed bricks on the highest wall up to the loft level, metal and wood dining table, black dome lights, and exposed wood beams.

This is the view from the main door. You can see a peek of the kitchen the we updated by adding cabinet trims, new paint color, and tile backsplash.

In the dining nook, we installed this inexpensive dome lights, but spray-painted the inside gold for the little touch of glam. Love the gold peeking a little. 

The wall between the dining and kitchen doorway is the perfect spot for a foyer. We put a simple black table to match the other black elements, and nice ornate mirror. Again with the simple + chic combination.

In the main living space, you can see the brick wall we installed. Love brick walls then, still love them now! We don't have those original brick buildings here with nice wall to wall brick interiors, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the look. Fake them people, it will make you happy. Haha...

Since the ceiling is really high on this spot because of the loft level, a big chandelier is in order. This matte black wrought iron chandelier fits the bill. It's industrial yet very chic.

Oh hello green door. I love bright painted doors, and so easy to replicate the look. If you're tired of those painted brown door (the one that is made to look like wood but is obviously painted, yes those, we all have those) do yourself a favor and paint them. 

The walls on the stairs was clad with family photos all around. It totally makes the space fun and personal.

The upstairs loft is more subdued and calm since it's a place to sleep.  It would be great to take the photos up to the ceiling but that would be expensive, life-threatening to install, and super hard to clean. Haha

Love the view going down the stairs. It feels like a start of a great day. Haha...

 I would love to have a happy vibe in the dream home. I don't know, there's just something about a nice house that gives you a better mood. How many times have you frowned and grunted at your messy space? How many times have your space left you uninspired and unmotivated? Our surroundings greatly affects our everyday lives, so I think investing a little in our home is a must. I'm not saying throw all your money and renovate, just simple updates that will uplift and make you smile everyday is worth it. Well that's what I'm telling myself, that's why we'll probably throw chunk of our saving for Project Dream Home. Haha.. But yeah, it will be worth it.

Onto the next big reveal, six more to go!

Less Expensive Window Option for Project Dream Home

I don't know about you, but most of the time when I'm decorating a space, I disregard the look of the windows. Many of the spaces I did got nothing special window-wise, so I just always slap on a nice looking curtains and call it a day. 

Most mid-range development houses / previously owned house you can buy here got an ordinary looking sliding aluminum / analoc windows with outside grills. They aren't the prettiest, not at all. Plus you got to purchase the window separate from the grills so it doubles the cost. For those not from the Philippines, it's the norm here to put grills on all windows for safety reasons, sad but it's just the way it is.

So our main criteria for windows are:
1. It got to be cost-efficient (our criteria for everything, really) This means no double-pane or all those very nice but very expensive option
2. It should be industrial looking and pretty as is since we're not planning on putting up curtains on most of the space (except the bedroom where we need total darkness)

Every time when I go out, I always look around and check out different houses and their elements, and it dawned on me, most low-cost housing I see around have these type of window:
Steel casement. I assumed it would be a lot cheaper since many of the not so affluent neighborhood got it, plus it's a window and grill in one, so there's that. And let's be real, we're not affluent as well so might as well follow their lead. To those who have that window, I'm not saying you're not rich ok? I'm just saying that I saw many who are not have those. Haha

I don't exactly like the configuration of that particular window but I know that a lot of window makers can customized them for you so I search for pegs and found this.

That's more like it. It's industrial, simple, and can stand alone without any help from pretty curtains or window treatments. So I send that image with some specs to a few window makers and the lowest quote I got for an 8x5 feet is 9,000 Php. That's for one window, so I assumed that if I'll be having all our windows done, it will come out cheaper. Plus I'm rethinking the size, maybe 6x5 is fine. We'll see. 

I love it, that's exactly the look we're going for.

Here are some inspiration images I found that I'm really liking. I'd like to keep it real so most of these interiors are a little rough, which our house will most likely be, raw but full of character... or so I hope. Haha

I knew I said before that I would love to have lots of plants, but maybe a little less than this. Haha.. But nevertheless, love  the light streaming in this little work area. 

Again, more plants! Succulent love, I'll have those. And we're going for frosted glass for privacy and to deter direct sunlight since we won't have an incredible view anyway. They'll be kept open for air so we can still peek out to see the world if we opted to. And since we won't be having curtains, I'm not liking the idea of looking out into darkness when I work at night, so frosted it is. Yes I'm afraid of the dark, my imagination can ran wild so deal with it. Haha

Hello glorious industrial home!

For small windows in the bathroom and above the kitchen sink, this is the idea.

Again, working area in front of huge windows. Oh and our house's elements will be similar to this, white walls, black windows, and concrete floors. 

Yay for high ceilings! Love all the elements in this space. We're not going to have this high of a ceiling, but it will be decent, around 10 feet. This window looks a little more high end and high tech, but you get the idea. 

As for the opening, we're still deciding if wanted it to swing out, or be awning style like many of the photos above. Again, we'll see. There's a lot of "we'll see" that will be going on in this dream house of ours, but I guess that's how it is when building one right? 

So that's the plan for our windows. It's a big decision since we're planning to install lots of them. The idea is to never have to turn on the light during day time. We wanted a light-filled home, and saving on electricity is a huge plus! Oh, and no, we won't be having screens for now. We'll just have mosquito zapper or whatever. Haha

How about you? If you build your dream home, what window did you install? How's the cost and how are you liking it? Can't believe how many decisions you got to make and we haven't even started yet! I guess I'm just crazy for thinking of details way early. But we got to figure out the cost or we'll have a house without windows. Haha

HO of the Day: All White

I've always dreamt of having a cozy little office space of my own, and a desk in my bedroom does not count. Hence, this series. But with the recent plans of the dream house, I still wouldn't have a separate office due to some space constraints. So we're going to place two desks (mine and the bf) on one long wall (in front of big windows!) in the living/dining area, which I'm fine with by the way. I actually prefer it that way 'coz I hate working alone. Haha.. If ever I'd have a separate office, might not end up working there and you'll find me in the sofa, in front of the tv. So this is a great compromise. I would still have a designated working space that I could spruce up, but not be isolated while I work. I know, I'm needy, I've accepted that. Haha... 

So this office reminded me of that set up. Long desk in front of big windows, super light-filled, simple, and plants. I'm loving plants these days... I'll have some of those. Can't wait to have an inspiring workspace for myself-- all white walls, big windows, refurbished desk, art, a nice chair, lots of storage, and HOPEFULLY clutter-free!

Project Reveal: Luna Coffee

I just got back from additional table delivery for this project that I've never shared here before, and finally got the chance to photograph the space! Hooray for me. Haha.. I've been wanting to get to at least one by one finish taking photos of finished projects, so one down, seven to go! I'm getting there. 

So let me introduce to you Luna, an all-day breakfast place that serves super yummy food and coffee. Believe me, I know, I've been to their taste test a lot of times and everything is so so good. But I'm not a food blogger so let me discuss the space with you. It's a cozy little spot tucked in BGC. Basically they wanted an open kitchen concept that is industrial, casual, a place where people can just hang-out.

On one corner of the space is a private room (which you can reserved by the way) that is a little more upscale. Since every wall of the main dining space are bricks, we wanted to give this nook a different feel, hence the molding and dark walls. The banquet seating and table are custom-made for this area.

I will never get tired of tufting, my dream sofa is a chesterfield, so that's the inspiration here. 

The main area (kitchen/dining) are all clad in red bricks. The original color of this are much lighter but we had it stained a bit to give it more depth.

All the chairs are vintage that we had refinished, and given new leather upholstery in brown and black.

Concrete for the flooring, again my dream floors. Haha

The tables are custom-made from old parquet that we had stained different shades of brown and black. Love the tables really. I want to take them home.

Open kitchen and bar area. As you can see, our choice of materials are all simple-- wood, black, bricks, concrete, but all of them have textures that brings the space to life.

Exposed pipes to complete the industrial look.

Can you see that I applied many of my dream home elements in here? That's not intentional, the client loves this look, and I guess I'm just drawn to the same things at this point in time.

Love the outcome of this place, it's simple with a touch of interesting elements here and there. And it's really cozy especially at night! If you want to see the food/drinks they serve, follow them on instagram @lunacoffeeph. You may visit them at G/F Nac Tower 32nd St. BGC Taguig. 

So happy to be able to (after a long while) share a project I did. Hopefully I get to share the other seven finished projects with you soon. Back to work!

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